After the CCD building was erected in 1976 the building became home to Christ the King Catholic School under the direction of Sharon Vervake and then Pam Strysky. The initial plan was to begin classes at Pre-K and add a grade each year culminating with Eighth Grade.

Unfortunately, after \ only two years the school had to be closed because it was not financially viable. This was a blow to many families; many of the students eventually enrolled in the neighboring parish school at Holy Rosary.

There was, however, always a need for daycare jn our church community. Because the CCD building was under utilized, Mrs. Phyllis Burns and her daughter decided to fill the void. Beginning in 1985, they operated a pre-school and daycare for a brief period.

In the summer of 1986, Pastor Seamus O’Shaughnessy, together with several parishioners, many of them educators, came together and started what is now Christ the King Pre-School. The founding members of the Pre-School Board were Olivia Edwards, Percy Oliver, Ann Bailey, Carolyn Young, Esther Sharpe and Laura Cosier. The Board’s mission was to provide quality daycare for parishioners and the surrounding community.

In August 1986, the school year began with teachers, aides and a part time director, Mrs. Mary Foy, offering daycare, snacks and a healthy cooked meal prepared by Mrs. Mary Smith. The facility also offered an aftercare service from 3:00-6:00 p.m. for older children. Theodora Johnson doubled as secretary and music teacher for many years. Mrs. Valcour briefly replaced Ms. Foy as director and in 1988 Marilyn Chin became the Pre-School Director, a position that she holds to the present time.

The school board working together with Mrs. Chin, introduced uniforms, the ABEKA curriculum, and many fundraisers to update the school playground and facilities. As a continuing outreach to parents and stUdents, in order to show its appreciation for the support it received from parishioners and the community, the staff worked diligently with the students to put on a Christmas program for the parents. The program was such a success it has become an annual event. The Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon as well as the Graduation Luncheon for the parents and students were later added to the school’s overall calendar. The Pre-School gradually introduced music lessons, ballet, gymnastics, Spanish lessons and basic computer training.

The school grew by leaps and bounds and maintained a reputation for producing children who excelled as they continued their education In kindergarten or first grade. The school has been very supportive of the church by taking on special projects, including the Youth Ministry, and the financing of large church projects.

In August 1992, the school was damaged by Hurricane Andrew and was closed temporarily, however with the help and determination of parishioners and members of other parishes, was able to re-open in October. The children were extremely happy to return since many of them were still living in damaged homes and were traumatized by the displacement.

Many of the programs from the 1980s and 1990s are still in place today. Some of our founding members have passed on, Ms. Ann Bailey, Ms. Olivia Edwards, Ms. Carolyn Young and Ms. Theodora Johnson. Ms. Johnson brought that special touch to our music program and made it “the talk of the town”. We recognize and honor the contributions of the founding members and the many parishioners who have served on the School Board over the years.

We continue to be a parish pre-school, meeting the needs of our parish community and the community at large. Our students have graduated to become professionals and parents in their own right and have started their own tradition of giving their children the best foundation possible – the CHRIST THE KING EXPERIENCE.