Here at Christ the King Religion is an important component to our learning environment.  The children are taught songs, bible stories and bible verses daily.  Prayer is said in the mornings to start off our day; also we recite grace before every meal.

Reading readiness is a term used to teach the children important tools and lays the foundation for preparing them for reading. They are taught listening skills. They will learn finger plays and rhymes. They are also taught both letter recognition and the sounds of the letters through the use of the ABeka Curriculum. These are activities to help and develop auditory and visual discrimination, and left-to-right directions.

All the children will be taught how to hold crayons, scissors, paint brush, chalk, etc properly. He/She will have activities to develop eye-hand coordination. Letter and number formation will be taught using the ABeka system for both print and cursive writing. (Cursive is taught in the 5yr old room.)

Children are taught the concepts of shapes, sizes and positions. They will also learn numbers in relation to self (two eyes, five fingers, etc.) counting songs and games are used as well as counting objects. The older students will learn to rote count as well as skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. They will also learn to count money, tell time, and use measuring tools.

Verbal skills are developed through dramatic play and sharing of ideas and interest with others. Listening skills and the ability to follow simple directions are stressed. The students are able to express themselves.

Daily outdoor activity time is provided. Development of motor skills is stressed through jumping, climbing, and hopping activities. Balance Beam and ladder play are part of the program to help develop coordination and body awareness.